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I Broke My Butt

I Broke My Butt

Yes, you read that correctly, I broke my butt.  Well, I have torn the gluteus minimus muscle in my right glute.  I was wakesurfing and didn’t start correctly out of the water and did a number on my butt.  At first I thought I had just tweaked my hip, but when the pain didn’t subside after a couple weeks I gave in and went to the sports medicine doctor, it was a sport injury after all.

Diagnosis: I Broke My Butt

The Doctor x-rayed the area, no broken bones and no tumors, it didn’t even occur to me that the pain could be a tumor, way to freak me out sports guy.  Then they performed a sonogram.  During the sonogram of my thigh, hip and glute the Doctor kept identifying muscles and such on the sonogram screen in technical dr speak… I understood none of it.  When the screen switched and the doctor started on another area and asked if I was ok.  I said as long as you don’t find a heart beat while doing the sonogram, I’m fine.  Some doctor’s do not have a sense of humor at all.

Anyway, after identifying every single muscle in my quad, hip and glute – the doctor showed me the dark areas that were pockets of blood and where the gluteus minimus should be attached to the bursa (look at those big words) and wasn’t.  He spouted off a bunch of new age treatments like stem cell injections and such that my insurance would not cover and the price kept going up and up, we opted for rest and wait.

Rest for 8-12 Weeks

So, what the heck am I going to do for 8 to 12 weeks of rest.  Seriously, I was just about to start a round two of a new workout program that involved colored octagons placed strategically on the floor and jumping, running, hopping etc to each as the trainer called out colors and patterns.  I was told, without hesitation, NO.

I was to do NOTHING for two weeks more, then I could go to the gym and lift as long as I sit throughout the lifts.  It’s amazing how much that little muscle is used.

Doing NOTHING is hard for me. If you’ve followed me for anytime you know that I am a very active person.

Ultimate Refresh Cleanse

I’ve been battling a rheumatoid arthritis flare for the better part of 9 months now so I decided to go through a anti-inflammatory cleanse for 21 days.  Sounds miserable, doesn’t it.  I’ve thought about doing this specific cleanse for some time, but it suggest you reduce your activity level to some restorative yoga and light walking during the 21 days to really give your body a chance to reset and cleanse and there never seemed to be a good time to take that break. Well played sports injury, well played.

I broke my butt in a sports injury

For the next 21 days I will be following the ultimate refresh designed by Dr. Darrin Olein.  He is the author of SuperLife: The 5 Simple Fixes That Will Make You Healthy, Fit & Eternally Awesome”  This book is an eye opener on how the food industry is sentencing us to not only a shorter life span but a unhealthy one.

Darin Olein

Two years ago while driving home from yet another appointment with my Rheumatologist that didn’t offer much in the way of relieve, just another prescription for a medication with a list of side effects a mile long, I was listening to a podcast where Darin Olein was interviewed.  By the end of that podcast I knew what needed to happen. It spoke to me so deeply that I went home and made positive changes right away and continue to do so.  My family’s health has completely changed in the past two years and we keep striving to be better, within reason, we do have a glass of wine when the mood strikes us.  I have become passionate about changing our health through mindset changes, fitness and nutrition.

Follow My Ultimate Refresh Cleanse

I will document my 21 days of this cleanse.  I’ll tell you the good and the bad from my point of view and what I learn at the end.

Check back for my week one recap.

Here’s to hoping to getting this flare under control by eliminating inflammatory foods and to a gluteus minnimus healing on it’s own.

ps.  If you order the book from the link in this blog, amazon tosses me a few pennies.

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