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Time Management for Sanity

Time Management for sanity

When you are super busy taking time to develop a time management system seems daunting and the thought of doing even one more thing turns your stress level up to high.  Once you have your Time Management for Sanity system in place, your days will flow better.  It’s worth taking the time to figure a system that works for you.

Breathe easy; I’m going to help you.  

I am a super busy person with a super low stress level.  I have a full time job, a part time side hustle (that I L.O.V.E by the way), a healthy relationship in which we are very social and very active; we cook at home and I do weekly meal planning (I plan every meal right down to snacks), we exercise 6 days a week and I take time for personal development daily.  See, I told you I am busy!

So how do I work a full and a part time job, have time for my family, prepare healthy delicious meals, exercise and take time for me every day?  I manage my time well.  

Here are my top tips for Time Management for Sanity.

Tip 1: Be Realistic and Admit You Can’t do it All.

It is ok if you aren’t superwoman/superman. Seriously, they aren’t real people anyway.  If the house doesn’t get cleaned until another day but you read with yourTime Management for sanity can't be superwoman child every day, you are doing it right.

You will have to give up the notion that you have to do it all.  You are not a failure if you delegate tasks to another person.  You are a smart time management ninja.

Tip 2: You Can’t do Everything at Once

Multitasking can lead to NOTHING getting completed, just a bunch of things started.  You have to prioritize and the only way to prioritize is to know what your tasks are.

Every morning, take 10 minutes, even if you have to get up 10 minutes earlier – really that 10 minutes of sleep isn’t going to do much for you – but 10 minutes prioritizing your day will do wonders, and brain dump all the tasks that you have to do for the day.  If you are on day 2 or later, move over any tasks that didn’t get done the prior day as well.  Now, go take your shower or get dressed, whatever – but walk away from that list for a little while.

Time to prioritize, remember tip 1 – you can’t do it all, so pick the most important stuff that HAS to get done today and list them first. Give each task a time amount. (1/2 hour, 2 hours etc…)  This is just a guideline so that you don’t schedule three days worth of tasks into 1 day – because we all know that shizzle isn’t going to get done.

Tip 3: Eliminate the Word Maybe

Stay with me, I am not talking crazy talk.  

When you are asked to do a task, you may answer with one of two answers.  

YES, I have time to fit that into my schedule or

NO, my schedule is full for today.  If this task can wait, I can add it to my schedule on Wednesday…

When you answer maybe it’s a type of wishy washy contract with the other person that you will eventually get to it but in reality, it’s going to get dropped and you get anxious about it and the other person is disappointed or angry.  So don’t go there – YES or NO.

Tip 4: Unplug for Goodness Sake

We are living in a right now society where everything is immediate.  You text someone and get annoyed when they don’t text you back immediately.  People are posting on social media about their day all day long and if you are scrolling and scrolling and scrolling you aren’t getting anything done – you are in a social media merry-go-round.  Time Management for Sanity Screen Time


Put the phone down, and if you can, put it in a do not disturb mode and get some shit done.  When you are responding to text messages, checking social media, keeping your game player alive, etc your attention is divided and you are not effective anymore.  Multitasking tends to lead to nothing getting finished, a lot of stuff gets started, but not much gets done.    

By taking control of your technology you can concentrate on the task at hand and get it done quickly with more quality than if you are constantly fiddling with phones, tablets, etc..  

As a side note: It is okay to put the phone in the other room and have a conversation with another human.  You’d be surprised what it will do for your relationships if you make eye contact and talk to each other.  

Tip 5: Down Time

You can’t go 100% forever.  You have to take a break and take time off.  Working 10 hour days for months on end will just burn you out. At some point you are just putting in time, not actually getting anything done.  

Time Management for Sanity Summary

Even if you don’t implement all of my tips, I sure hope a few work for you.  I have found that when I don’t have a system and a plan for my week I get frazzled and often what needs to get done, doesn’t.  By developing a system that works for me and my family, I can make sure the important stuff gets done and the not so important stuff is scheduled for later and I don’t waste time that could be more effectively applied somewhere else.

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