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Ways to Finance Christmas

It seems every year that time speeds up and Christmas rolls around quicker and quicker. Every year I start to worry about the financial part of Christmas earlier and earlier. I make lists of whom I need to purchase gifts for and potential gifts.  I try to start shopping early, but it seems life gets busy and I don’t get as much done as I would like and then I’m scrambling trying to find Ways to Finance Christmas.

It’s stressful and why I tend to tell people I really don’t like Christmas as it’s just work for me.  Buying gifts, mailing gifts, making those traditional treats and getting them mailed off, buying and cooking the holiday meals, all I see is work, money, work, and money.

Are you starting to think about ways to finance Christmas? The average American family spent 926 dollars on Christmas in 2016.  If you are like me, you didn’t think to budget an extra thousand dollars for Christmas throughout the year.

If you had started in January, saving a little a month that would have added up nicely by now.  I’m guessing you didn’t budget an extra thousand dollars for Christmas throughout the year, I know I didn’t.

10 Ways to Finance Christmas

  1. You could drive for UBER

Depending on your availability and the city you live in, this can be a good option for making extra money for Christmas. Your vehicle has to qualify in order for you to drive for UBER and you have to have a clean driving record.

2) You could charge a fee to hang Christmas lights in your town

You would need a good ladder and probably a partner to hang Christmas lights efficiently so that you could do many houses in your allotted time.

3) You could babysit

Ways to Finance Christmas with babysittingIf you like children, you could register with and offer babysitting services.  By registering with Care you give your customers more confidence in your ability to care for their children.


4) You could sell stuff on Ebay or online Facebook groups

Make sure that your items are clean and in working condition before listing on either ebay or a facebook ‘garage sale’ type group.  If using ebay, make sure you know the shipping costs and factor that in so that you are making money not spending more to ship than you earned on the item.  If you are using facebook ‘garage sale’ type groups and are meeting people in person, be sure to do so in a public place and stay alert.

5) You could tutor

Do you have a skill that you could tutor others in.  Maybe you play the piano and could do some piano classes or tutoring.  Or maybe you are wonderful at math.  Google in your local area for ways to advertise or sites you can get listed on to make it easier for people to find you for the tutoring they may need.

6) You could house or pet sit

Many people would rather hire a responsible person to house/pet sit than to take their pets to a kennel when they have to be away.  Again, Google in your local area and see if there is a place you can get registered with so that people can find you easily for house/pet sitting services.

7) You could do yard work or shovel snowWays to Finance Christmas with Yard Work

In order to make money doing yard work or snow shoveling you have to market yourself.  Get your name out to your neighbors, friends, co-workers etc.  Let them know you are doing these odd jobs on the side.

8) You could clean houses or office buildings

Often there are people looking for people to clean houses or office buildings.  I see flyers at local grocery stores where people are looking for this kind of help.  You could also advertise on a local Facebook group your services.  A good tip for when you accept a cleaning job, make sure you meet the people in person so everyone is comfortable and always ask what is expected of you and whether cleaning supplies are supplied or if you are expected to bring them with you.

9) You could advertise to bake cookies for office holiday parties

You need to double check with your local ordinances on this one.  This may or may not be something you can do legally in your city.

10) You could take a second job.

Ah, the second job.  This is what most people will tell you to do, but this can be hard to schedule into your life.  If you have a family, taking time away to do a second job can be very difficult. If you decide to look into work from home jobs, do your research.  If they promise you can earn income without doing much, it’s probably too good to be true.  Work at home jobs are wonderful when you find the right one that works for you, but they all take dedication and work to make an income.

I chose option number 10.  I work from home (or from where ever I am – I do a lot of my work on my smart phone) part time in a business I love.  It’s rewarding in so many ways in addition to financial.  If you would like information on what it is I am doing fill out the form and let’s talk more.

I hope that you find a way to distress your holiday season and are able to take the time to enjoy the people around you.


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